Is panda and penguin update good for SEO

Posted on 20-04-2011

Is panda and penguin update good for SEO?

I personally feel that panda and penguin update by Google is better for SEO, because the SEO world is rotting up with lots and lots of spammy SEO companies with their link tactics are really killing white hat seo. The SEO industry is destroyed by these folks who give false promises to cheat customers. People who are unaware of these tactics are fallen victims to these companies. I am writing this blog post to spread the awareness to peoples and stay away with these companies. These companies can harm your chances of getting you on top in search engines. 

Search engines are smart enough to change their algorithms from time to time to outsmart these spams.  I personally think that search engines need to be a little versatile and proactive to plug these loop holes to encourage Internet marketing. Though these updates do hurt unethical SEO firms or they call it as black hat SEO firms and these measures needs to taken by search engines to check these SEO companies going wild. 

Now where is the result for my hard work?

When you see website of very poor quality layout structure and not designed or cared about the industry standards, with tons of spammy links and with copied contents rank better than your website it really hurts. When you spend your quality time in designing a great website with International standards and spend more time in writing fresh and unique contents and work on my website in creating high quality links working every day and night for the website and find that some one doing it easy with their 10 dollar software and to rank their website better than ours in a short period of time come on, I cannot take it.

And I really ask myself, is there any respect for my hard work and my professional intelligence and the answer can be a brute NO. Thats why I feel that after following 100 percent white hat SEO methods at the start and later most companies switch on to Black hat SEO tactics and the list grows. Search engines needs to recheck all those spammy gimmicks time to time and come up with a more reforms to keep the system clean and white. 

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